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How to download free systems/indicators from FXProvider

This tutorial will show how to download the free systems/indicators in our website to your computer. First, open the detail description page of the system. E.g.  Scroll down and find the “Download link“. Click on the link after the text “Download link“ A new window will appear, wait 5 seconds until it displays the text […]

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How to install Trade Copier on master and slaver accounts

After purchasing our trade copier licence, you will find a download link for it under Account section. This article will help you see how to get licence key and install it to our software on MT4 platform. First, purchasing our trade copier licence. Go to Download section and download the Master and Slaver EA. Go to […]

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How to Cancel a Subscribed package in PayPal

FXProvider utilize PayPal Subscription to get monthly fee for our Trade Following and Trade Copier services. Every month, or at the end of each specified time period, PayPal automatically generates payment from your account in order to pay for the subscription. In some cases, you want to cancel our services (or just you want to […]

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