EA Custom Build service

custom-buildIn case you purchased the EA but require some changes in the EA before delivering, you will need to purchase this EA Custom Build service as the custom build process requires our manual effort. The following custom builds are one of the following items:

  1. Custom comment name for EA. For example, if the current EA comment appears in MT4 is FX Safe Profit and you want to change it to My Pro EA, you will need to purchase this service.
  2. Free EA comment for your EA so that you can change the EA name to whatever you want. This service will add a field to the Input screen so that you can change the name anytime. For this service, please purchase 3 custom build items.

Some notes regarding this:

  • Remember to put your request in the “Custom Request” field before Add to Cart.
  • Custom build service is ONE-TIME service. It means that in further EA release if you want to take new features into a custom build, you need to purchase a new one.
  • The service is NON-REFUNDABLE. As explained, this service requires our manual effort so there is no refund for this.
  • In order to get supported, please open a support ticket at https://www.fxprovider.com/support/
EA Custom Build service
EA Custom Build service
The Custom Build service is suitable for traders that want to hide some copyright information in the EA so that no one can found any relation to the EA.