Trade Copier

FXProvider-Internet-Trade-Copier-ImageWe proudly to provide Internet Trade Copier software, the amazing software which helps you to duplicate trades in your master account to multiple slave accounts. All processes are done via Internet and our careful-coded system, so you can believe in the stability of the duplication process.

Light-weight software which will not consume your PC/VPS/Server resources as other similar programs. We achieve this great performance by utilizing high-performance cloud-based server architecture as well as message-based communication protocol to make the signal be transferred at crazy fast speed.

No private information is revealed. You run an EA which broadcasts your trading activity in your own machine/VPS/Server, and your subscribers run a copier EA which receives your signals from their own machines/VPSes/Servers. Your subscribers do not need to provide their private information to you, so you can gain their confidence.

For further detail about contract of using the system, please check Trade Copier Price Plan